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Be Magic Disability Services

Empowering Independence

Where Care Meets Magic

Be Magic Disability Services understands the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. As a Registered NDIS Provider, we are dedicated to empowering you to achieve your life goals through personalised support and expert care.

About Us

Delivering Exceptional Services to Realise Your Aspirations

Be Magic Disability Services is your reliable partner in enabling individuals with disabilities to achieve a higher quality of life. Offering a diverse array of NDIS services, including supported independent living, short-term accommodation (STA) and respite, and community participation, we are dedicated to assisting individuals across all age groups in the Newcastle Region.
Our Services

Tailored Support for Individual Needs

At Be Magic Disability Services, we specialise in offering comprehensive support services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Here’s how we can assist:
Happy multiracial office employees having fun at work in an office chair race. Portrait of a smiling woman with disability who won a office chair race and celebrating with her hands in the air.

Supported Independent Living

Gain the confidence to live independently with our supported living services. We provide the necessary support to manage daily activities in a comfortable and safe environment.

Young female volunteer shaking hand of man in a wheelchair

Short Term Accommodation & Respite

Our short-term accommodation and respite services offer a change of scenery and a restful break for both individuals and their carers, ensuring everyone can recharge and refresh.

Young smiling seamstress in casualwear sitting in wheelchair against group of colleagues working over new fashion collection in workshop

Community Participation

Engage with your community and enjoy a fulfilling social life. Our services facilitate involvement in local events, workshops, and more, helping you stay connected and active.

Experience and Expertise

Professional Staff

Our team of professionals is equipped with the knowledge and empathy needed to provide high-quality care and support.

Personalised Care Plans

We ensure that each client receives a customised care plan that addresses their individual needs and aspirations.

Safety and Comfort First

The safety and comfort of our clients are paramount. We adhere to the highest standards of care and support.

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Why Choose Be Magic Disability Services

Dedicated Support

We provide consistent and reliable support to help you navigate daily challenges and achieve your goals.

Trained & Professional Staff

Our staff are trained to offer compassionate and competent support.

Flexible Service Options

From daily support to occasional assistance, our services are flexible to suit your lifestyle.

Counting Success - Our Impact

Years of Service

Demonstrating our long-standing commitment to our community.


A wide range of programs designed to support diverse needs.

Satisfied Clients

Stories from numerous clients who have achieved greater independence and well-being with our support.